The Balance - Computerized Nutritional Testing

"What Vitamins Should I Be Taking?"
This is one of the questions most frequently asked of a health care professional. The answer varies for everyone because everyone is different on a nutritional, biochemical, stress, hereditary, functional and dietary level. Everyone has different needs at different times in their life. In addition, everyone has different health challenges and weaknesses.

On any given day, patients bring in literally bagfuls of vitamins, herbs and homeopathic remedies to see if they are 'good for them.' Upon careful applied kinesiology and muscle testing, on average, only 1-3 out of 10 of these test as helpful for that particular person. The body may need those supplements only for a week or two.

What is "The Balance"?
The Balance is a leading-edge, computerized nutritional testing software that reads and analyzes the energetic function of the human body (glands, organs, systems). Energetic function always precedes physical function.

When you place your hand on the 'cradle,' the computer software sends many subtle, non-toxic, digital 'stress signals' to the body through the cradle. Simultaneously, the software is monitoring and analyzing how the body is dealing with those digital stress signals. This occurs for 6-7 minutes. The software then recommends the exact whole food nutritional supplements that will address and deeply balance your imbalances and weaknesses on a nutritional level.
When the body is in balance on a nutritional and biochemical level, it has the very best chance of experiencing optimum function, deep detoxification and optimum healing. When the body is moving toward wellness on a daily basis, there is much less chance for degenerative disease and illness.
The Balance is not about addressing symptoms. When internal imbalances, toxicities, and weaknesses are too much for the body to deal with, they show up as symptoms. When these core issues are being addressed effectively by the body, symptoms quietly fade away.
The Balance recommends the whole food nutritional supplements that your body needs to address deep internal imbalances, weaknesses and toxicities that create dysfunction, symptoms, premature aging and ill health. We all want to have a body that is functioning as close to 100% as possible, 100% of the time.
Whereas acupuncture corrects imbalances and weaknesses on an energetic level, The Balance corrects imbalances and weaknesses on a nutritional level. It is Dr. Karp's intention to bring you the best of both worlds, so you can experience long term optimum health and well-being. Now, when people ask: "What nutritional supplements should I be taking?" there is a clear and definitive answer. 

Get tested with The Balance and get on the exact whole food nutritional supplements in the exact dosages that are right for you.

Dr Karp offers supplements by the company Standard Process. They are "concentrated whole food supplements" at body-friendly therapeutic dosages. The body interprets these supplements as concentrated whole foods and uses them effectively. When you take synthetic, laboratory-developed supplements, the body interprets these as foreign substances and has difficulty digesting, assimilating and using them.