"I see Dr. Karp as a modern day miracle worker. He uses both modern and ancient techniques to enable my body to stay healthy."    Sandra P.

"Dr. Drew Karp is an angel sent from God. I wish I had found him sooner.  After 5 months of seeing conventional doctors for chest tightness, dizziness, shallow breathing, and convulsions, where they all could not understand what was wrong, 
Dr. Karp, knew in my first visit that the cause of my symptoms were chemical,and I had toxins in my lungs.  
Before my third session, I had no more chest spasms, and all  of my symptoms were gone. I was amazed. Dr Karp cured me in two weeks."     C.Martin

"Several major surgeries last year left my body very damaged. I was not healing and was in terrible pain. I could not digest anything and could eat only a bland diet.
Within four months of seeing Dr. Karp, my pain is GONE and I am eating a variety of foods again. He has truly changed my life. He is a "miracle."  Laurie T.
" From the worst sickness in my life to normal again was amazing! Dr. Karp amazes me all of the time with his healing abilities. Unbelievable!
Of all of the healers I have met in my life, Dr. Karp understands life on a much deeper level And has a connection that can only be felt and not spoken."    Josh R.

" Love Dr. Drew Karp! He has helped me keep my digestive issues balanced by treating the underlying issues.  I have been seeing Dr. Karp for over 20 years."  Tina M.

" Dr Drew Karp is my healing magician. Thank you for constantly creating miracles to save my life, even when the doctors were clear that I hardly had a chance. "Carolina A.