Applied Kinesiology - Speaking the Body’s Language

As human beings,  we speak ‘verbal languages,’ such as English, Spanish, and French, to name a few.  Similarly, your body has an internal,  ‘non-verbal language’ all its own, called “Bio-Energetics.”  Renowned author Dr. David Walther’s states “The body has a language providing information that can lead to the discovery of the cause of health problems; the key is an ability to understand the language.  Failure to read body language regarding health is very similar to an inability to interpret a foreign language.  The information in the language may be very valuable, but unless one can read the language, the information is useless.”  Applied Kinesiologists are rigorously trained to test and read the body, and communicate with it, in its non-verbal language.  By doing so, vital (often unheard) bodily information can be accessed, and the proper health restorative therapies implemented.

Dr. Karp focuses on non verbal language, “bio-energetics." He has found it to be incredibly accurate.   Applied kinesiology gives us direct access into the software, and unmatched intelligence of the human body.  We are able to access the underlying causes of one’s health challenges and symptoms.  For example, a patient may come in complaining of chronic, severe migraine headaches.  Using applied kinesiology evaluation, we may find the following causes; misaligned vertebrae in the upper part of the neck, causing stress to nerves that innervate the head, spasm and muscle dysfunction of the trapezius and levator scapulae muscles, toxic and stressed kidneys, congested and sluggish liver, congested lymphatic system, old and unresolved anger residing in the liver and fear in the kidneys, and a parasite overload in several organs.  These imbalances, toxicities and dysfunctions are the real ongoing threats to the health of this patient.  The migraine headaches are simply the symptom.  Only through applied kinesiology testing, can we get this type of valuable information directly from the body, quickly, accurately and cost effectively.  By speaking the body’s language (bio-energetics), we are able to “hear” what the body is trying to tell us (oftentimes screaming) about its state of health, function and well-being.